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Polskie Towarzystwo Kaktusowo-Sukulentowe
      By pomagać... by poznawać... by chronić...      

Welcome to our home page!

    Welcome to the homepage of Polskie Towarzystwo Kaktusowo-Sukulentowe (the Polish Cactus & Succulent Society). We are a small society, formed as recently as only in 2006, but step by step building up our membership. Also, as our journal is appreciated by foreign cactus & succulent fanciers, we have some members from outside Poland.
    On our website you will find information about the journal, subscription details, some articles from Kaktusy i Inne (some also in English), also lists of Polish cactus & succulent nurseries, websites, and collections available to the public.
    On joining the Society you will receive 4 issues of Kaktusy i Inne journal per volume so you surely may consider visiting our subscription page.
    You are welcome to join our discussion forum, also advertising in the sales section is free if complied with the CITES rules. We welcome exchanging links with more developed cactus websites. If you are interested in purchasing back issues of Kaktusy i Inne, please visit Cactus Polonia website

Thank you for visiting our site.